when your mom is yelling at you to do more chores while you’re doing chores and you’re there like 


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ok but consider this

  • who cares

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Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King Jr. (via o-bi-po-lar)

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Being drunk does not excuse cheating.

Being drunk does not excuse rape.

Being drunk does not excuse being an asshole.

Being drunk does not excuse shitty and destructive behavior.

Being drunk is not an excuse.

Control yourself or don’t drink.

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i have a friend who has been taking birth control since she was 12 because she’s anemic and if she didn’t take it she would bleed out excessively during her period and end up in the hospital

dont fucking tell me that birth control isn’t crucial to people

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I see no lies here 😂

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Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kinda fucked up you’re into. — (via phuckindope)

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